DMIA/CLARK AIRPORT 400.00 700.00
MANILA AIRPORT 2500.00 3000.00
MANILA HOTELS 2500.00 3000.00
MAKATI AREA 2500.00 3000.00
SUBIC/OLONGAPO 2500.00 3000.00
ARAYAT PAMPANGA 1500.00 2300.00
LA UNION (BAUANG) 5500.00 6500.00
LA UNION (SAN FERNANDO) 5500.00 6500.00
LA UNION (SAN JUAN) 6000.00 7000.00
BAGUIO CITY 5000.00 6000.00
BANAUE 10500.00 11500.00
HUNDRED ISL.(ALAMINOS) 4500.00 5500.00
PANGASINAN (CARMEN) 4000.00 5000.00
PANGASINAN (SISON) 4000.00 5000.00
PANGASINAN (URDANETA) 3500.00 4500.00
BATANGAS PORT 5500.00 6500.00
BATANGAS (BERNABE PORT) 5800.00 6800.00
TAGAYTAY CITY 4500.00 5000.00
LAGUNA (PAGSANJAN) 5500.00 6500.00
LAGUNA (STA ROSA) 4500.00 5000.00


DMIA/CLARK AIRPORT 2800.00 3300.00
MANILA HOTELS 700.00 1000.00
MAKATI AREA 1000.00 1300.00
SUBIC/OLONGAPO 4500.00 5000.00
ARAYAT PAMPANGA 3000.00 3500.00
LA UNION (BAUANG) 7500.00 8500.00
LA UNION (SAN FERNANDO) 7500.00 8500.00
LA UNION (SAN JUAN) 8000.00 9000.00
BAGUIO CITY FROM NAIA 7500.00 8500.00
BANAUE 13000.00 15000.00
HUNDRED ISL.(ALAMINOS) 6500.00 7500.00
PANGASINAN (CARMEN) 6000.00 7000.00
PANGASINAN (SISON) 6000.00 7000.00
PANGASINAN (URDANETA) 6000.00 7000.00
BATANGAS PORT 3300.00 3800.00
BATANGAS (BERNABE PORT) 3500.00 4000.00
TAGAYTAY CITY 2500.00 3000.00
LAGUNA (PAGSANJAN) 3500.00 4000.00
LAGUNA (STA ROSA) 2500.00 3000.00


Rates per trip, one way only
Includes of gas, toll fee and driver’s fee

Visa Extensions can be done through our office – Chartered Flights and Domestic flights can be booked from the Beeline Office. Office open 9am-6pm daily.

Please remember Sundays are not a working day in Philippines for all domestic and International flight bookings/ticketing.

Flight confirmations/changes can be done through our office. P300. Please also be advised if any booking involves transport to Manila to change or process tickets at SHORT notice additional charges and expenses for a courier are required.

  • Daily Rate = P450 per hour (minimum 2 hours) Ideal for shopping trips to San Fernando etc.
  • We can arrange a 25-40 seat Bus Service to and from Airport or any other Luzon destination. Bus is fully Air conditioned with FREE refreshments. price on application.
  • Daily Rate (Touring) P2600 per day + fuel + Tolls. Inc of driver, with driver food and accommodation allowance in case of over night stays.
  • Embassy Runs….arranged.  Wait and return fare to Manila is P3500.00/car plus waiting time. Inc new toll fares.
  • Drinks available pre booked by request, at cost price. Or ask our drivers to stop off at a 7/11 for you.
  • Passengers can be picked up and taken to Airport to meet you or brought back to Angeles after seeing you off at Airport at the cost of a wait and return fare. (P3000)
  • In some extreme cases of bad weather. (heavy rains typhoon floods) The roads to and from Manila – Angeles can become impassable. In such cases for Airport Pick ups. We can still be there to meet you and advise/assist in transportation to a Manila hotel and overnight booking. In the case of Angeles to Manila. It is best advised to keep a watch on the weather, and travel well in advance of your flight. Even the day prior to your flight if extreme weather is forecasted.
  • For any other destinations please ask for quote. We can provide a car/van for any Luzon destination.

Always allow plenty of time to arrive at Airport for flights. Travel time to and from Manila can vary alarmingly on occasions. Normally travel time is 2-3 hours. (That includes at least an hour for heavy traffic) Sometimes it can take longer in extreme traffic or weather conditions.

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